How can I train my puppy to go potty outside?

Comment puis-je apprendre à mon chiot à faire ses besoins à l’extérieur ?

Patience and perseverance the two most important words to remember! It is very important to understand that an untrained puppy is completely normal. Don't put pressure on yourself to be quick, it doesn't matter if your puppy is 3 months old and not potty trained. Everything in its time! To train your puppy to do his business outside the house, it is essential to establish a routine like this:

  • Take Toutou out every two or three hours, after each meal, after a bed or nap, after a play session.
  • Put the puppy in his crate when it is impossible to supervise him so that he learns to restrain himself.
  • During outdoor outings, walk or run the puppy to stimulate the puppy's needs.
  • Have a PARTY when the puppy pees or poops outside and praise him exaggeratedly. Wait until the commission is finished so as not to disturb him during it.
  • Reward the puppy with a treat after he pees or poops.
  • Keep in mind that every puppy has a different rhythm. Some people learn to potty faster than others. Don't put pressure on yourself.
  • Don't forget that small accidents can happen! If your puppy has an accident indoors, clean it with a product that will neutralize the odor. On sale in veterinary clinics or pet stores.
  • Do not argue with your puppy if you catch him in the act, because afterwards he may go and hide to do his business. Also, don't argue with your puppy if he has already pooped inside. The dog lives in the present moment, he will not make the connection with the poop already done and his bad action.
  • If you want your dog to do its business outside, avoid using a “pipipad” inside as it would be counterproductive.
  • Supervise your puppy at all times in the house to learn to read the signs related to his needs. This way you will avoid a lot of accidents.

The time it takes to potty train a dog varies greatly from breed to breed and even from dog to dog. In general, between the ages of 4 and 6 months, a puppy should have understood that needs must be done outside. If the problems persist after 6 months, you might benefit from consulting a dog trainer and/or a veterinarian. There is no age for potty training. If you adopt a dog from a shelter and it is not potty trained, it is possible to potty train it even if it is older.