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Dog nail cutting service - Subscription

Dog nail cutting service - Subscription

We offer a nail cutting service* without an appointment every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. directly at our premises at 2907 Rue Galt O in Sherbrooke. We mainly use the Dremel to properly file the claw, but we also work with the traditional claw cutter.

  • Individual nail trimming: $12.00 (payable on site only)
  • Unlimited annual subscription: $94.99 (purchase available online)

You can pay on site directly or purchase your unlimited annual subscription online by clicking on the “ Continue registration ” button.

No appointment required. If you prefer to make an appointment for a nail trim, click here .

*Certain conditions may apply to dogs who do not like nail trimming.

Click here to make an appointment for a nail trim.

Frequently asked questions about our nail trimming service

There are several reasons, here are a few:

  • Comfort and well-being: Nails that are too long can cause your dog discomfort when walking, running or standing. They can also curl up and push into the paw, causing pain.
  • Paw Health: Nails that are too long can affect your dog's posture and lead to foot, paw and joint problems. It can also cause injuries, such as claw tears.
  • Infection Prevention: Claws that are too long are more likely to break or split, which can create an entry point for bacterial infections.

All dogs are welcome for our nail trimming service. If a dog experiences difficulty when cutting its nails, then an appointment will be given to you so that two educators will be present on site to maximize the dog's comfort, all at no additional cost.

Énergie canine Estrie specializes in nail trimming for reactive or aggressive dogs.

We mainly use the Dremel to properly file the claw, but we also work with the traditional claw clipper.

No. Our nail trimming service is offered without an appointment. You can come directly to our premises.

The frequency may vary depending on your dog. Dog nails should be trimmed on average once a month. Come visit us, we will be happy to help you.

Please feel free to review our Frequently Asked Questions and contact us by clicking here if you have any questions or concerns with your dog.

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