How can I get started on leash walking with my young puppy?

Comment puis-je bien démarrer la marche en laisse avec mon jeune chiot ?

Teaching a puppy to walk well on a leash is essential for taking beautiful and pleasant walks with him. It's better to start early, but don't forget that your puppy also needs to discover the world, to walk, to smell, to socialize.

Try to have leash walking times in “training” mode and try to have leash walking times for “fun”.

TIP : To differentiate between training leash walks and more recreational leash walks, the ideal is to have a 4 to 6 foot leash for our training walks and a lanyard for our recreational walks which will be left to the dog more space to walk around, smell, discover. This will also help him understand when we are on leash walking and when we are more free.

TIP : To get your puppy used to the leash, put it inside the house first. Take a few short “walks” around your living room, punctuating the activity with treats. The idea is to combine “leash” and “pleasure”. Indeed, it's strange walking your dog on a leash in our living room, but believe it or not it's worth it to get off on the right foot. We repeat this step several times. Our puppy will then be ready to face the outside world. Since the street, cars, cyclists or any other stimulus can be frightening for him, it is best to start this activity in a controlled environment like your backyard.

TIP : We reward him verbally and with treats each time he moves forward without pulling on the leash. Some puppies are restless by nature, and others are immensely curious. Regardless of their personality, you have to be patient, because learning to walk on a leash requires not only time, but a lot of practice.